CAA Accredited

If you want to operate a drone commercially you will require a PfCO certificate.
Our course is fully accredited by the CAA and taught by our professionally qualified instructors, all with commercial and military backgrounds.

To gain this qualification we will guide you through the following process:
1. Attend our ground school course at the University of Bath
2. Pass the ground school examination
3. Develop your Operations Manual with assistance from SalusUAV
4. Pass the flight assessment

After successfully completing these steps, we will make a recommendation to the CAA for your PfCO certification leading to the start of your commercial UAS operations. 


Air law
Airspace Operating Principles 
Airmanship and Aviation Safety 
Human Factors 
Operating procedures & planning
Planning & Briefing Exercises
Ground School Examination

Risk, site & weather assessment
NOTAM & Airspace Checks
Checklist use
Resilient Planning & Briefing

Operational Risk Assessment
Operating Procedures as per Manual
Flight Checks
Emergency Procedures
Knowledge of the Operations Manual

*Date to be confirmed subject to operations manual approval, current flying experience and proof of insurance"

Planning and briefing exercise

Included in the course there are hands-on activities teaching you how to plan and brief a drone operation. Includes:
  • Site assessment
  • NOTAM and other restricted airspace checks
  • Weather assessment
  • Briefing

Development of Operations Manual

Included in our PfCO course is the support and guidance necessary to write your own operations manual compliant with the requirements laid down in CAP 722, covering:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Management 
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight and Emergency Procedures
  • Planning Guidance
  • Development of Checklists 

Flight Assessment

This is the final stage to be passed before submission to the CAA for a PfCO. Before undertaking the assessment, you must:
  • Have passed the PfCO theory exam
  • Show proof of adequate insurance
  • Have an your Operations Manual approved by SalusUAV
  • Show proof of a satisfactory level of recent experience flying the relevant UAS
The flight assessment will require you to demonstrate proficiency in the following:
  • UAS Ground and Flight Handling
  • Operational Risk Assessment

  • Operating Procedures as per your Operations Manual

  • Flight Checks

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Knowledge of the your Operations Manual
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